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T8LED Aluminum PCB

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Multilayer Registration Control

Prediction: layer-to-layer alignment
One primary characteristic is layer to layer alignment. In addition to our MultiLine tooling systems, we have purchased and implemented the use of the PerfecTest system to fine tune our process and achieve highly accurate scale factor predictions for a variety of material types and core thickness.

HQT has purchased and installed four Olec AT-30 automatic alignment exposure units. These units use four cameras to align artwork top to bottom, and then use panel motion systems to automatically adjust the panel position to a best fit to the artwork. Furthermore, these units have hybrid-collimated light units that ensure exposure light attacks the panel at 90 degree angles to the artwork, which is critical for fine line resolutions.

Microvia Drilling

Formation capabilities
We have installed advanced PCB drilling systems (Excellon Century 2001 and Mania Micronics 86) capable of up to 180k RPM spindle speed, which is critical for microvia formation. Furthermore, our advanced systems use linear motion technology for X, Y, and Z axis motion. This results in not only a higher throughput, but also increased registration accuracy.

Production Plating

Standard production / blind microvias
HQT has built a custom automatic PCB plating line that has been designed and constructed primarily in-house. The intent was to minimize plating variation, which is the main goal of production plating. To address issues with plating small and blind holes we use mechanical agitation to allow chemical to flow through holes and vibration to remove air from microvias and blind microvias.


We have set up a new MCPCB factory to meet the increasing needs of Aluminum PCB. If you're in the field of LED lighting Products or interested in all sorts of PCB.

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