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The new PCB project ten months and put into operation, a miracle

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Ten months, the production of the international first-class, fill the domestic blank project settled in te... Many miracle of pingyao coalification new optical materials industry chain running well since the project was put into production in early July.

New PCB material is the production of LCD TV and LED lighting products with special material, at present our country all depend on foreign imports. Pingyao coalification project put into production since the new optical materials industry chain, in no hurry to produce products, but kept full load boot debugging, to verify the performance of the equipment, detailed operation of each parts. Once appear problem, immediately stop to find problems, after full load boot again. Such a cycle, and strive to foolproof. The device ChuRi, Korea domestic outside the few properties on the world, not many people can well operation of the equipment, debugging repeatedly in order to avoid once Japan and South Korea technical staff leave, cannot handle sudden problems affect production equipment. Excellence, the company with fast growing of nip in the bud of coalification speed with explaining the meaning of "coalification phenomenon". The project is expected to average annual output can reach 900 million yuan, profit of 320 million yuan, over taxes 130 million yuan. It is understood that the project is a new kind of optical materials industry chain with a total investment of 3.84 billion yuan first phase of the project, the second and third phase of the project of new optical materials and new structure materials respectively, LCD TV and LED backlight module plane lighting light source projects. The whole project reaches producing DaXiao in November 2015, which can realize an annual output value 9.8 billion yuan, profit of 2.28 billion yuan, over taxes 760 million yuan, at the same time also can absorb the employment of more than 2200 people.

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